Band Pull Aparts

Pull-aparts are a simple resistance band exercise with tons of versatility. No matter your fitness level, you can pair pull-aparts with varying band resistance levels to make them as challenging as you need them to be. Like other resistance band exercises, this move is significantly more convenient than others that rely on gym machines or free weights.

Important back and shoulder muscles are the main beneficiaries of pull-aparts. Including pull-aparts in your workout routine can help cover ground where other shoulder exercises like bench presses might not have reached.

As with any other exercise, you need to have the right form to get the most out of pull-aparts and prevent possible injury. There are also a few variations of banded pull-aparts that will give a greater benefit and let you target different muscles.

Key Points

  • Keep arms straight or triceps flexed
  • Pinch shoulder blades together
  • Bring band to roughly nipple line
  • Use light band tension
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