Banded Romanian Deadlifts (RDLs)

Using a resistance band to pull back on the hips will help move the lifter into a good position when lowering the weight towards the floor. The added band tension will also help the lifter utilize their hamstrings and gluteus when bringing the weight back up as he/she will have to drive their hips through forcefully in order to combat the extra resistance at the top of the lift.

Why Banded RDLs?

Banded RDLs can be a useful tool for lifters of varying skill levels and strengths. For coaches and trainers, these can be a helpful way to show a new lifter how to utilize their hamstrings and gluteus when learning how to properly deadlift. For the more experienced lifter, these can be a new dynamic for a commonly used exercise that can help with hip drive and speed. And for the fitness junky who just wants to build that booty, banded RDLs are a great isolation movement for the “rear end”.
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