Bird Dog Rows


While this may look like a good variation of a single arm row, it is really more of a core and stability exercise. By holding the bird dog position and performing a single arm row, it creates a more instability than a normal bird dog. In order to perform this exercise without too much movement, the core muscles have to be engaged in order to remain stable. This exercise is also a great option for those who are short on time and need each exercise to be efficiant. While this may not be better than a standard single arm row for targeting the upper back muscles, it is a great exercise to target the entire back, core, arms and legs in one single exercise. 

Key Points for performing the Bird Dog Row

  • Set up on a bench in a standar bird dog position while holding weight (kettlebell or dumbbell) in opposite arm of the extended leg. 

  • Activate the hamstring and glute of the extended leg by pulling toes towards shin. 

  • Perform the row exaclty like a single arm row by engaging and pulling into the lat. Execute slowly at first in order to gain your stability. 

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