Daily habit practice 

Purpose behind habit practice

The daily habit practice will be a simple task, one for each day of the week and one for the weekend, that you are encouraged to try and complete. None of the tasks will take more than 5-10 minutes per day. The idea is to complete the prescribed task for each day until it becomes a daily habit. Although these tasks are simple (in theory), making them habits will take time, effort, and dedication to complete daily. Each task is meant to train our mind on different levels. Like we train our body in the gym, our mind needs stimulation as well. Complete the prescribed one daily or as many you want every day. The goal is to build new habits that allow our “mental strength” or “capacity for adversity” to grow.

Weekly Schedule

  • Monday 

    Cold Shower (10-30 seconds). You can do this at the end of a hot shower to start, or just jump right into a cold shower. Try to up the time every week or even attempt to take less hot showers. 

  • Tuesday 

    Park as far away as possible, or 10 minute walk. The idea is during your errands throughout the day to park in the furthest away parking spot at each stop. If you are not running errands on Tuesday, then a 10 minute walk will do as well. 

  • Wednesday

    Meditate (3-5 minutes). Meditation is actually quite hard. It is not a simple thing to completely clear our minds. Guided meditation will help in the beginning. You can download mediation apps or find some free ones on Apple Music or Spotify.

  • Thursday

    Box Breathing (3-5 minutes). Box breathing is the breath technique where you take 4 seconds to breath in, hold the breath for 4 seconds, exhale for 4 seconds, then hold the exhaled breath for 4 seconds before starting again. There are timer and guided apps for this as well or you can just count in your own head. Do these while seated or laying down at first to get used to it.

  • Friday

    Gratitude Practice (2 things your grateful for). Every Friday, we want you to write down (to keep track) two things your grateful for. At first, this will be easy, i.e., wife, kids, family. But after a few weeks, you will really have to think of things that you are thankful for. It doesn’t always have to be some profound idea either. Sometimes, you may be thankful for the sunshine after a week of rain, and that’s great! The thought is to always be able to be grateful for something, no matter what we may be going through at the time.

  • Weekend

    Looking forward! What are you excited for? At some point over the weekend, think of and write down something your excited about. It could be that you have a fun dinner plan the next week or family coming into town, or even a big gym day coming up. The purpose of this is to look forward to the coming week/month/year and to keep in mind the events that give you purpose, pleasure, excitement, etc.

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