Deadlifting Against Bands

Do you think you need a specialty squat rack or lifting platform do perform deadlifts against bands? Think again! Here is simple technique to perform a banded deadlift with nothing but a barbell and resistance band.

Why do banded deadlifts?

Performing deadlifts against band tension can help increase overall deadlift strength in multiple ways. Pulling against band tension forces the lifter to be strong and tight throughout the entire lift. The closer the lifter gets to lockout (top of the lift) the more the band tension increases. This means the lifter cannot get lazy at the lockout as this is when the tension, or weight in the lifter’s hands, will be at its greatest. On the flip side, there is very little band tension in the bottom of the lift which will allow the lifter to hold good form from the start and also help with increasing speed on the initial pull off the floor.

Key Points for setting up banded deadlifts without a squat rack or specialty platform:

  • Place resistance band evenly over the barbell. Make sure the resistance is even. If one side is heavier than the other, make an adjustment before you proceed.
  • Stand on top of the resistance band so as to have an even amount of band tension pulled from each side.
  • Bands can be set either on the inside or the outside of the grip depending on your stance and the length of the resistance band.
  • For sumo lifters, the same process is done except the band will have to be stretched to meet the lifters foot placement.
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