Plank variation circuit 

Key points for each plank variation:

To complete the circuit, perform 6-10 reps of each plank variation on each side with as little rest possible between each round. 

Complete 3-5 Rounds 

  • Marching Planks: 6-10 reps

    Keep legs locked out for each rep by pulling the toes towards your shins. This will also help keep the hamstrings and gluteous activated.

  • Rolling Planks: 6-10 reps

    Keep body as straight as possible during each rep. Do not let hips sink down towards floor when in side plank posistion. 

  • Spiderman Planks: 6-10 reps

    Similar to mountain climbers except the knee is pulled up to outside of the arm verse in between both arms. Hold a steady plank position and try not to shift weight from side to side when pulling the knee towards your elbow. 

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