Quick tips for a proper kettlebell swing

Why do kettlebell swings

Kettlebell swings are a fantastic exercise because they can serve many purposes. Heavy, hard style swings are great for building strength, power, and stability. Lighter kettlebell swings can be used for conditioning and cardio work. The kettlebell swing is considered a ballistic exercise, meaning it should be an explosive, powerful movement. When done properly, kettlebell swings are a full body exercise, utilizing the entire posterior chain with heavy focus on the hamstrings, gluteus, and core muscles. Learning to properly swing can be tough though, especially if you haven’t learned how to properly hinge. But don’t worry! Follow these quick tips and you’ll be falling in love with the kettlebell swing!

Quick tips to follow:

  • Start with feet about shoulder width part and the bell about a foot to a foot and a half in front of you

  • Practice the initial swing into the groin from your hinged position. Remember, the bell needs to go tight up into the groin and as far behind you as your arms will allow. 

  • Next, practice single swings back to the start position. This will help with getting the hinge motion down and to be more comfortable and consistent with every swing.

  • Arms should act as ropes connected at the shoulders. You should not be picking the bell up with yours arms. The force that moves the bell should only be the hip drive out of the hinge position.

  • Keep in mind the kettlebell swing is a ballistic exercise so the hip drive needs to be fast and explosive. You should be attempting to launch the bell straight out in front of you, not up overhead. 

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