Snatch Grip Shrugs


The snatch grip barbell shrug is not meant to completely replace the standard barbell shrug, but more to give one a little variety and change of pace when it comes to trying to build those mountain peak traps.

To perform this exercise, grip the bar in what would be considered a grip to perform the snatch Olympic lift. For most people, this will be with the index figure on the standard ring cuts in the barbell knurling. If grip strength is not a focus for the exercise, wrist straps can also be utilized in order to put all the focus on the shoulder muscles. While not required, slightly leaning forward during this exercise can help target the upper and middle part of the traps as well as some of the rear delts, verse a regular barbell shrug which mostly target upper traps and front delts. It is important to note that if one does slightly lean forward to make sure they are bracing the core as if they are performing a bent over row. Being in that leaned over position, even slightly, can be compromising if not performed correctly. This exercise is a great shoulder accessory movement that can be super-setted with lateral raises or cable high pulls for a solid shoulder pump finisher.

Key Points for performing the snatch grip shrug:

  • Grip barbell as wide as comfortably possible

  • Use lifting straps if grip strength is an issue

  • Lean slightly forward to target upper and middle traps as well as rear delts

  • Brace core as if performing a bent over row. 

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