Band Pull Aparts

Pull-aparts are a simple resistance band exercise with tons of versatility. No matter your fitness level, you can pair pull-aparts with varying band resistance levels to make them as challenging as you need them to be. Like other resistance band exercises, this move is significantly more convenient than others that rely on gym machines or free weights.

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Coaching a client remotely

This is an example video of coaching a remote client in the squat. The client sent me videos of himself performing the squat with a few questions of his own. After reviewing the video, I sent this video back to him with coaching cues on his specific corrections needed to better perform the barbell squat.

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Band Face Pulls

The banded face pull is a movement that targets a specific set of muscles, most of which are smaller in size and are assistance muscles to greater more voluminous muscle units (such as the shoulders and back).

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Single leg elevated glute bridges

When it comes to glute exercises for your home workout routine, the single-leg glute bridge is one of your best options.

A single-leg glute bridge is a unilateral glute bridge variation that targets muscle groups throughout your body like the hamstrings, hip flexors, lower back muscles, and gluteal muscles—including your gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus.

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